How Can Vision Therapy Help Children With Dyslexia?

How Can Vision Therapy Help Children With Dyslexia?

How Can Vision Therapy Help Children With Dyslexia?

How Can Vision Therapy Help Children With Dyslexia?

How Can Vision Therapy Help Children With Dyslexia?

Vision is an important aspect of the ability of a child to learn. According to research, children learn about 80 percent of everything through vision. From these statistics, it is safe to assume that if the child has a visual issue, their ability to learn is significantly affected. Because of this, many eye doctors recommend that children have regular eye exams, especially before they join school.

Eye exams are the most effective way of knowing if your child has a vision issue. However, some issues may be difficult to pinpoint, especially learning disabilities. Your child may have perfect vision and pass the eye exam. But when it comes to academic performance, they struggle. The issue may be a learning disability like dyslexia. 

So, what is dyslexia? Can vision therapy help with dyslexia? Read on to learn more.

What is Dyslexia?


Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects the ability of the brain to process and interpret information. It usually affects skills such as writing, reading, and spelling. It can also cause challenges in prioritizing, planning, organizational skills, and concentrating in noisy environments.  

Children with dyslexia struggle a lot with academics, which may cause the wrong assumption that they are not smart. Dyslexia has no bearing on a child's IQ. For instance, Einstein had dyslexia, yet he had an IQ of nearly 160. The stigma that comes with poor academic performance can significantly affect your child's mental health. 

Because of its impact on learning, it is important to diagnose it correctly. A dyslexia diagnosis usually involves a multidisciplinary approach. After diagnosis, you can explore several treatment options, including vision therapy.

How Common is Dyslexia?


The American Optometric Association says that up to 25 percent of all children have a vision problem that impacts learning. Of these learning disabilities affecting children, dyslexia is one of the most common. According to research, about 15 percent of all Americans are dyslexic. Despite its prevalence, only about one in ten have a formal diagnosis. 

What Are the Common Signs of Dyslexia?


A child with problems processing words, characters, and writing likely has dyslexia. Here are the most common signs of dyslexia:

Phonological Awareness


It refers to how we understand sounds and how changing them can change the meaning of words. Children with dyslexia have a problem with this. For instance, changing the letter f in ''fat'' to c to make ''cat.''

Verbal Memory


Another faculty of learning that is difficult for people with dyslexia is the ability to remember verbal information. Children with dyslexia usually have trouble remembering the information they need to write on the board. 

Verbal Processing Speed


Dyslexic children will often have trouble remembering verbal information. You will notice them take long pauses while they try to remember things they just learned.

How Can Vision Therapy Help?


Vision therapy is a discipline of visual skill development that helps children and adults develop key visual abilities. It is a highly effective treatment for dyslexia as it addresses the specific faculties of the mind that cause it. 

Visual therapy uses prism lenses to help alter how a child sees letters and words to help them process them. They utilize other strategies that engage the visual system, such as covering one eye during reading sessions. They also employ letter-finding puzzles to help develop visual processing in your child.

For more about how vision therapy can help children with dyslexia, visit VEO Vision Therapy at our office in Wichita, Kansas. Call (316) 999-4100 to book an appointment today.

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